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Are debt collectors:

  • Calling you or others continually?
  • Harassing, threatening, or lying?
  • Being otherwise unfair or abusive?

You could be entitled to money for the damages you've suffered if your debt collector is violating fair debt collection laws. YOU HAVE RIGHTS, don't be intimidated!

Do you think your fair debt rights are being violated by an abusive debt collector?

State and federal fair debt laws prevent debt collectors from using harassing, misleading, dishonest or unfair debt collection practices. These laws provide that victims of debt collector abuse can recover cash compensation from the collectors, and require the collectors to pay all your legal fees.

Would you like to learn more about how to sue a creditor or debt collector that has violated your fair debt rights at no cost to you?

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Fight Back Against Debt Collectors

You can fight back against debt collectors and the harassment and abuse that is frequently used in their efforts to collect money from you! If you need immediate legal help find an experienced fair debt lawyer now who can advise you of your rights. Or use our free debt collection communications log to track all the collection attempts against you. Read our debt definitions to learn the important terms and check out answers to Fair Debt FAQs for answers to those common questions! Finally, use our free sample debt letters to fight back against debt collectors and their illegal debt collection tactics!

Did you know that in most states you can record your conversation with a debt collector to use as proof of illegal tactics used during a call? Read the Federal Call Recording Law and State Call Recording Laws to find out if recording a debt collector's call is legal in your state.

Knowledge is power, research your rights under state Fair Debt Collection Laws and don't be a victim of debt collector's illegal tactics any longer!


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